Hiyupo Alliance at NACA - "To Call People Forward."

Hiyupo (He-You-po) to call people forward. A call to action, to battle. Follow us as we work with the Boys and Young Men at NACA to Heal, Grow, and Thrive. The

The Native American Community Academy Hiyupo Boy's Group has changed their name to the Hiyupo Alliance. They are expanding initiatives to engage more boys and young men through an alliance of programs including gardening, drum group, entrepreneurship, leadership, and wellness. Additionally the Hiyupo Alliance is kicking off their "Uncles Mentoring Program," and more information will be found soon on their social media page.  You may also contact Program Director Makhpiya J. Black Elk at makhpiya.be@gmail.com for more information. Recently the Hiyupo Alliance (Uncles and their Nephews) built NACA's newest sweat lodge. Black Elk said of the sweat lodge, "We aren’t just building a lodge for ceremony, we are building community where we can unapologetically heal, grow, and thrive." Hiyupo Alliance just launched their recruitment initiative for the semester/academic year.  Check out their page: https://www.facebook.com/Hiyupo-Alliance-394787504035201/